Official website of the electro duo BONNIE LI, music project of the singer-performer Bonnie Li with her machine-man Elia M :

Everything from tour dates calendar to show cases, videos, clips and tracks; along with her featurings and collaborations. Articles, reviews, interviews..

Welcome to the mutted and off-the-wall world of Bonnie Li, the 1000 loops singer artist, and her rocker machine-man Elia M.

Check out their biographies for more infos and updates!

Electro Duo bonnie li PRESENTATION ENG bonnie li presentation introduces you to the band’s updates, news and side projects, allowing you to follow their adventures, encounters, music experiences, work & recording sessions, with unreleased tracks, live extracts, among other surprises..

Gravitating around numerous musical planets, Bonnie Li will keep this website updated to introduce you to her Friends, Art Projects the electro trip hop duo supports and/or collaborates with, and their favorite artistic and music projects.

Bonnie Li & Elia M believe the mixing of genres incite encounters and the development of new music styles , electronic or acoustic.

You will also meet the aircraft team: Sound & Light engineers, bookers, photographers and video artists.

Soon, a merchandising page will allow YOU to listen and purchase new tracks, albums and goodies.. so STAY TUNED!


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